Georgia's Own Credit Union will be closed on Monday, February 18th in observance of Presidents' Day.

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Why Credit

Three words: tons of benefits. And we’re not talking about benefits like free suckers in the drive-thru. We mean real, money-saving benefits that make a difference in your life. Check out the following infographic for a quick tour of some of the benefits Georgia’s Own offers you.

Credit unions give back to neighborhoods, reinvesting in people and small businesses and offering financial literacy programs to make our communities better places to live.

Credit unions have low fees, which helped members across the country save a total of $129.9 million in 2014. [ 1 ]

$129.9 Million

Their missions are to work with their members to help them achieve financial stability, not to reach profit goals set by teams of corporate stakeholders who may not have members’ best interests at heart.

Credit unions typically require $5-$30 minimum balance to open an account, while banks often require as much as a $50-$100 deposit. [ 2 ]

Minimum Average Balance Required

Credit Unions


There are 208 million credit union members worldwide in 103 countries. [ 3 ]

Universally, credit unions offer better interest rates because they can pass off savings from their not-for-profit status.


71% of credit unions are members of surcharge-free network of ATMs, which includes over 85,000 ATMs. [ 4 ]

89% of top credit unions in states with large senior populations offer free checking to seniors, compared to 62% of banks. [ 5 ]

70% of
Credit Unions

10% of

70% of the top credit unions give free checking options, with only 10% of banks doing the same. [ 6 ]

Once you join a credit union, you can remain a member for life, regardless of whether you still meet the original qualifications you met in order to join in the first place.