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New Updates in TeleTalk!

TeletalkPlus banking system is one of the many free conveniences our members enjoy, and we’re pleased to announce that we are upgrading this service to an even more streamlined and efficient system than before. Transfer funds, check balances, and more - 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the U.S.! See below for a quick reference guide to common transactions.

To Access TeleTalk call:

• In Atlanta Area - (404) 874-0242
• Nationwide - (800) 533-3817

To Access TeleTalk you will need:

• A touch-tone phone
• Your 9 digit primary savings account number
• Your Social Security Number (If First Time User)
• Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
• Your Sub-Account Identifiers (Account Trailers)

Users will benefit from a much more convenient set-up process than before. (See TeleTalk diagram.)

Common Transactions


Savings Balance Inquiry
1 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 2 (2-digit sub account,#)

Savings Dividend Inquiry
1 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 2 (2-digit sub account,#) 2, 5

Checking Balance Inquiry
1 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 1 (2-digit sub account,#)

Checking Deposit History
1 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#)1 (2-digit sub account,#) 2, 3

Individual Draft Clearing
1 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 1 (2-digit sub account,#) 2, 6, 3, 1

Credit Card Balance Inquiry
1 (ACCT, #) (PIN, #) 5 (16-digit VISA ACCT, #)

Credit Card Transaction History
1 (ACCT, #) (PIN, #) 5 (16-digit VISA ACCT, #) 2, 1


Savings to Savings Transfer
2 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 2, (2-digit sub account,#) 1, 2 ( 2-digit sub account,#)

Savings to Checking Transfer
2 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 2 (2-digit sub account,#) 1, 1 (2-digit sub account,#)

Checking to Checking Transfer
2 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 1 (2-digit sub account,#) 1, 1(2-digit sub account,#)

Savings Withdrawal
2 (ACCT,#) (PIN,#) 2 (2-digit sub account,#) 5

Savings to Credit Card Transfer
2 (ACCT, #) (PIN, #) 2 (2-digit sub account, #) 2, 5 (16-digit VISA ACCT, #)

Checking to Credit Card Transfer
2 (ACCT, #) (PIN, #) 1 (2-digit sub account, #) 2, 5 (16-digit VISA ACCT, #)

To Get Setup With a TeleTalk (PIN):

• Dial one of the TeleTalk phone numbers listen to the menu. When you attempt to access your account it will prompt for your account number and PIN. If this is your first time calling, your PIN is your Social Security Number. You will be prompted to change your PIN immediately. Make a note of your new PIN as you will need it for future TeleTalk access.
• You can also log in just to change your PIN or activate Teletalk by pressing 8 to get to the "More Choices" menu. Select "3" to change your PIN or "5" to Login.
Once you have activated your Voice PIN, you will receive a Verification Agreement through the mail, which must be signed and returned to Georgia's Own. Once we have received your Verification Agreement, you will be able to register for Online Banking and utilize other convenient TeleTalk services such as account transfers and withdrawal by check, using your new Voice PIN.

You can download your Verification Agreement by clicking here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)