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Welcome to our Premier Partner page of georgiasown.org. This section of our website is devoted to our company groups and associations, potential groups and our contacts with existing companies/associations.

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We stand for the prosperity of our members.

Your employees deserve the very best. Georgia's Own Credit Union provides products and services designed to meet the needs of your employees.

Benefits to your company:
  • An expanded benefits package that will help you attract and retain quality employees.
  • Georgia's Own membership offered to your employees at no cost or liability to you. Credit union membership is a valuable benefit that your employees will appreciate and use.
  • Your Business Development Team Member is a committed and dedicated member of the Georgia's Own team, providing proactive support and solutions.
  • Networking opportunities for your company.
  • Free seminars for your employees.
  • Supplies as needed, including membership packets, member services guides, and consumer loan packages, annual reports, posters, fliers, e-mail broadcasts, and a variety of product brochures.

Benefits to your employees:
  • Georgia's Own Credit Union is a full service, member-owned cooperative that's one of the strongest and safest financial institutions in the nation, currently ranked as the third largest credit union in Georgia by asset size and headquartered in Atlanta.
  • As a credit union, we are able to return our profits back to our members through lower rates and fewer and lower fees.
  • Immediate family members of your employees may join at any time and can also share in the many benefits of credit union membership. The "family membership" benefit is an excellent way to introduce children or other family members to the financial benefits of credit union membership.
  • "Once a member, always a member." Yes, membership is for life. Your employees will retain membership regardless of job changes, retirement, or relocation, as long as their account remains in good standing.
  • Our extensive ATM and Shared Branch Network makes accessing funds simple and convenient, with over 85,000 surcharge free ATMs and over 5,000 locations nation-wide at which to conduct your Georgia's Own Credit Union financial business.

If you would like to offer Georgia's Own Credit Union membership to your employees, please fill out the form below and a Georgia's Own Credit Union representative will contact you.

Business Development Team

To be sure that we are providing our Premier Partners with the best service we have several Business Development Team Members who are assigned to individual companies.

They are: Tyrone Burke
404.874.1166 ext 1815
Tyrone is a seasoned former credit union CEO that has accumulated a broad expertise across the credit union and banking industries for more than 36 years.
Dina Hairston
404.874.1166 ext 7199
Dina possess over 15 years of experience as VP Branch Manager and five years of experience of VP Business Development in the financial services industry. She enjoys connecting people with possibilities to achieve financial success.
Zach Weidman
404.874.1166 ext 3631
Zach is excited to use his years of branch experience to help Credit Union members improve their financial well-being. He follows the notion of "people helping people" and is excited to bring that idea to companies, their employees and their employee?s families.

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