Online Banking | Known Issues and Resolutions

Below is a list of known issues and their resolutions that you might encounter in our upgraded online banking. We are working diligently to solve all of these issues.

Issue Description: When trying to register for online banking I receive the following error message:
"We are unable to register this user for online banking. Please try again. Call 800-533-2062 if you continue to receive this message."

Resolution: Use your username from the old system (typically your account number) as your username in the new system. This will begin your conversion process.

Registration error

Issue Description: When trying to access account details on my Android based device the page does not load.

Resolution: Download Chrome for Android from the Google Play store.

Issue Description: When trying to access my Visa Credit Card / Bill Pay / Deluxe Check Reorder / Mortgage, it is asking me for login information or not operating properly.

Resolution: In order to seamlessly access these areas of online banking make sure you are allowing third-party cookies. Alternatively, you can click the link at the top of the page that says "If you are experiencing difficulties with this page, enable third-party cookies or click here to open in a new window" which will open the page in a new window. If you do not see that page, please make sure you allow popups on

Issue Description: I'm not able to see my joint Credit Card or eStatements when logged in.

Resolution: At this time, joint owners are not able to see their Credit Cards or eStatements. You do have the option of going back to sharing login information with the primary owner of the account. We are continuing to work towards a resolution.

Issue Description: I'm not able to choose a confidence image during registration and/or I see a lot of formatting errors.

Resolution: You are using an unsupported browser. Make sure you have upgraded to a supported browser.

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If you used our old online banking and have logged in within the previous 12 months, select 'Cancel' below and enter your Georgia's Own account number in the 'Enter your username' field. You will then be asked to provide your password from the old online banking on the next screen.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on your first login into the upgraded system.

If you did NOT use our old online banking or have not logged in within the previous 12 months, select 'Continue' below.