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Touch ID and Quick Login

Touch ID and quick login is here!!

We want to make it easier for you to access your accounts on the go. That's why we are excited to offer Quick Login and Touch ID! This functionality will allow you to log in with a mobile device using a 4-digit PIN or a fingerprint (iOS eligible devices only). Get started by following the simple steps below:

  1.  Opt in to Quick Login on the normal password screen.
  2.  Select a 4-digit PIN that consists of at least two different numbers, is non sequential, and doesn't have any numbers that repeat three or more times. All Quick Login users must select a PIN even if they will be using Touch ID for authentication.
  3.  Confirm the selected PIN
  4.  Enter a unique device name.
  5.  Once enrollment is complete, the user is logged in to the mobile banking application.

Going forward, users that have activated PIN authentication are presented with the PIN authentication screen in place of the standard password screen. iPhone users with a registered fingerprint will be asked for a fingerprint instead of a 4-digit PIN. However, you always have the option to use the 4-digit PIN instead of a fingerprint.