Important Reminders

If you are looking to activate your debit card, please call 800-992-3808 from the number on your account.

DOCO is now Georgia’s Own Credit Union! All former DOCO branches are now Georgia’s Own.
Our planned system conversion is complete, and we appreciate your patience as we converted all DOCO Credit Union accounts to Georgia’s Own. If you have questions about any changes to your accounts, please refer to our FAQs and Owner’s Manual for more information.

What you need to know

In addition to the nine Albany-area branch locations you currently have, you now have access to the 23 Georgia’s Own locations in metro Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, and more than 85,000 surcharge-free ATMs. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the additional products and services that Georgia’s Own offers, including mobile banking.

Important Info Regarding COVID-19

For up-to-date info on how Georgia’s Own is serving you during this time, please visit our COVID-19 page.

For a list of branch availability in the Southwest Region, click here.

About Georgia's Own

Georgia’s Own shares our values and demonstrates our same level of commitment to members, employees, and the community. Celebrating 85 years of service to their members, Georgia’s Own has been the financial institution of choice for consumers across the state looking to make the most of their hard-earned money. Their mission of Banking On Purpose is a promise they put at the front and center of each business decision, empowering others through financial literacy, trusted advice, value-based solutions and returning earnings to their members and the communities they represent.


Go to and look for the online banking login in upper, right-hand side of the page. You will want to sign in (versus register as a new user). Sign in with the username and temporary password which was mailed to you. In most cases, your username will be the same. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted to change your password.
One of the benefits of Georgia’s Own Online Banking is that you’ll now see all accounts you are joint on, not just your primary accounts. If you have questions about who’s account it is you’re seeing, simply click the Message Center widget on the left and one of our reps can help clarify.
If you have a DOCO checking account, your account will convert to a Georgia's Own All Access Checking, Golden Bell Checking, or student checking account on May 4th. There is no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement for All Access, Golden Bell, or student checking. Similar to your accounts now, overdraft and other fees may apply.
If you used Bill Pay with DOCO Credit Union, your billers and future scheduled payments will be converted to Georgia's Own Bill Pay. Bills set up prior to April 30th will continue to be paid. You must register for Bill Pay the first time you use the Georgia's Own Bill Pay system on or after May 4th. Because DOCO Credit Union Bill Pay transaction history and eBills will not be converted, we recommend you download that history for your records prior to April 30th.
You do not need to reorder checks and can continue to use your existing supply of checks until they run out. If you order checks before your current book is depleted, please destroy any old checks to avoid errors and/or identity theft.
Automatic payments from your Visa® debit card or checking account will need to be updated on or after May 4th to avoid an interruption in service. Georgia’s Own Credit Union’s routing number is 261071438.
To ensure timeliness and efficiency, any recurring deposits, such as Social Security, should be updated to reflect our routing number: 261071438.
You should now have received your Georgia’s Own Visa debit card and completed the activation process by calling the number on the sticker on the front of your card. Your old debit card is no longer active and should be discarded in a secure manner. All debit transactions and ATM withdrawals now require use of your new Georgia’s Own Visa debit card.
If you have a credit card with DOCO Credit Union, it will remain active. New credit cards will not be issued at system conversion.
Loan payments can no longer be made via credit card. Please use one of our convenient options, including online transfer from your Georgia’s Own account, payment by check, or payment via our automated phone service.
In most cases, your Georgia’s Own username will remain the same, and your account information will be available in Georgia’s Own Credit Union’s online banking system beginning May 4th. If your username needed to be updated, you were notified by mail and/or email. Information regarding your temporary password was mailed to you.
Yes! All transfers that were scheduled at the time of conversion will be brought over to Georgia’s Own. You’ll notice they no longer appear in online banking, but rest assured they will continue to process as they did previously.
Very simply, we want to bring members the best value from their credit union while ensuring we continue to grow. Partnering with Georgia's Own will allow us to offer more robust products and services, better pricing, expanded digital services like mobile banking and mobile check deposit, more physical locations across the state, and increased operating efficiencies. Because both institutions share very similar values, this merger will allow us to have a greater impact on the community and ensure the same level of unmatched service to our members.
Georgia's Own is one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted financial institutions in the state. They are headquartered in Atlanta, feature 23 branch locations, have robust mobile/digital channels, and are members of the shared service center network. Like DOCO, they do a tremendous amount of good in the community. In 2019, they celebrated their 85th anniversary by performing 85 Acts of Kindness in the communities they serve.
Our planned system conversion is May 1-3, 2020. That means that in addition to the current DOCO locations available to you now, after the system conversion, you will have access to the 23 Georgia's Own locations in metro Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah, and more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs. You'll also be able to take advantage of the additional products and services that Georgia's Own offers, including mobile banking. With any system conversion, there may be some downtime. You will receive more detailed information closer to our conversion date.
Yes, starting May 4th you will have full access to their 23 existing locations and enhanced product offerings.
Yes, all DOCO Credit Union branches will remain open. New hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 9am-4pm and Friday, 9am-5:30pm. Additionally, the Lee County branch will be open on Saturday from 9am-1pm and Albany-Main, Americus, and East Albany will have Saturday drive-thru hours from 9am-1pm.
Your accounts will continue to be federally insured just as they are today through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, which is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government and managed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
The Credit Union will continue to serve all of the individuals and companies we currently serve today. Additionally, it will mean we can serve anyone in Georgia's Own Credit Union's field of membership.
While you may notice some small differences, for the most part, the products and services you have now will stay the same. The same is true for fees. Our goal is to ensure that rates and fees will be similar to what you see now. Additionally, you'll be able to take advantage of Georgia's Own expanded product offerings.
We're here to answer your questions! Please don't hesitate to contact us at 800.533.2062 if you have any questions about this partnership and what it means to you.

Information Center

We know that members have many questions, and our goal is to provide with all of the answers you need to make the transition to Georgia’s Own as seamless as possible. We will post all important information regarding the merger here. Please check back often!