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Five FREE copies of canceled checks per year.

Resolution Checking
A checking account designed to help re-establish financial stability for members who have had previous credit problems and are not eligible for other checking accounts. For more information, please talk to a Georgia’s Own representative for details and important account features.

Read full Overdraft Privilege Disclosure here.

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Overdraft Privilege

Recent legislative changes require that members participating in overdraft protection programs (Overdraft Privilege) opt-in for continued coverage for ATM withdrawals and one-time POS debit card transactions.  While this change does not pertain to check and ACH debits, ATM and one-time POS transactions will be declined unless sufficient funds are available or unless you have completed an opt-in by August 15, 2010.

In addition to the dividends, convenience, and unmatched service you get with Georgia's Own All Access Checking Account, we'd like to remind you of an additional perk that comes with the account- Overdraft Privilege.*  Because we all receive an unexpected bill or simply misbalance our checkbook from time to time, returned payments and costly merchant fees can add up quickly and make an already frustrating situation worse.  We understand.

With Overdraft Privilege, your account will be protected up to $800 against these occasional oversights, and while you will still incur the standard overdraft fee of $30, we will make the payment,** and the frustration of an overdraft is averted.  This service is completely free for all members in good standing. All you need to do is opt in now then relax and congratulate yourself for making a smart choice in checking!

Overdraft Privilege is available to members 18 and over who are in good standing with the Credit Union. We may approve certain transactions that overdraw your account. An overdraft fee of thirty ($30.00) dollars may be charged for each transaction that overdraws your account.  The categories or types of transactions that may overdraw your account include payments, purchases and transfers.   Whether your overdrafts will be paid or not is in our sole discretion and we reserve the right not to pay the overdraft. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or if you have too many overdrafts. We reserve the right to require you to repay your overdrafts immediately or on demand **Georgia's Own will extend Overdraft Privilege to up to $800 and does not obligate itself to apply service in all events.

Read full Overdraft Privilege Disclosure here.

Checking Tips

Payroll Deductions/Direct Deposit can save you time and the hassle of standing in line to deposit your payroll checks or other recurring checks. Most employers will allow you to have your paycheck sent directly to Georgia's Own through the ACH (Automated Clearing House). Many even require it. Check with your payroll department. If your spouse is joint on your checking account and their employer can make ACH deposits, their payroll check can also be deposited to your checking account. Call Member Services for complete details.

Georgia's Own also provides the Quick Start Direct Deposit enrollment of all Federal Payments, Social Security, VA, Railroad Retirement and others. Through this program, signing up for direct deposit is quick and easy. If you are retired, check into Georgia's Own Golden Bell Program, which offers free checks with your Golden Bell checking account plus other great benefits.

Pre-Authorized Debits can be arranged to pay recurring monthly bills, such as your mortgage, insurance, or utility bills. You make these arrangements directly with the company receiving your payment. You will need Georgia's Own routing and transit number, which you can get by calling our Member Services Department at (404) 874-1166 or (800) 533-2062.