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The Fastest, Safest Way to Make Purchases Online, in Person and Around the World . . . The Georgia’s Own Visa® Debit Card!


Visa Platinum

If you are tired of carrying cash or writing checks and want added security, try the Visa Debit Card from Georgia’s Own Credit Union. You can use it to shop at supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, online—anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. You can even pay your bills with the Visa Debit Card. Plus, it doubles as your ATM Card. With a Visa Debit Card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account, so there’s no credit involved and no interest charged, and transactions appear on your checking statement, so you can easily track your spending.

Switch for FREE
There is no fee for upgrading from your current Georgia’s Own ATM to the VISA Debit Card. You'll maintain your same ATM Access as before with the added convenience and security that the check card delivers.

Zero Liability
Since many ‘debit’ transactions not processed by Visa are not covered by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, skip the PIN and instead sign for your debit card transaction for the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected from fraudulent charges to your card.

How Do I Pay with a Visa Debit Card?
Visa Debit Card transactions can be completed in a number of ways. If you sign a receipt or make a purchase on the Internet, by mail, or over the phone, you’ll always be protected by Visa’s Zero Liability policy. You can also pay by entering a personal identification number (PIN) – especially if you need to receive cash back with your transaction.

Simply call 404.874.1166 option 8 or visit one of our convenient branch locations to order your Visa Debit Card today!

What’s the Difference between CREDIT and DEBIT?
Many people are confused about the difference between credit and debit when paying with their debit cards. The answer is simple. It has to do with the method of payment you prefer to use.



When you choose the credit option with your debit card, it is processed through the Visa network and you will receive a signed receipt at the end of the transaction.




When you choose the debit option with your debit card, it is processed through the ATM network. You will be asked to enter a personal identification number (PIN) to complete the transaction. The perfect option if you need cash back.


Which should you select?


Georgia’s Own Credit Union highly recommends that you select CREDIT whenever possible.  With no PIN required for CREDIT transactions, you can reduce the possibility of someone learning your Personal Identification Number. Plus, you'll be backed by Visa® proctection.

Tips for Responsible Visa Debit Card Use:

Be Smart with Your Visa Debit Card:

  • Visa provides reassurance that only you can use your Visa Debit Card online. Learn more about the benefits of Verified by Visa.
  • Keep your PIN private. Memorize it. Don't write it down, and never tell it to anyone.
  • Skip the PIN option and instead sign for your transactions to take advantage of Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.
  • Know your current account balance. Don't forget about checks that have not yet cleared your account.
  • Always take sales receipts and carbon copies. They may contain valuable information a thief could use to make purchases on your account via mail, phone, or the Internet.
  • Record your transactions in your check register as soon as possible. Remember to include any Visa Debit Card fees that may apply. Then store your receipts safely in one place in case you need them later.
  • Review your statements carefully. If you suspect a mistake, call your financial institution immediately.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact Georgia’s Own Credit Union. This reduces your liability if fraud losses occur.

To Report a Lost or Stolen Visa Debit Card, please call 404-874-1166 or 1-800-533-2062 immediately.