What You Need to Know and Do Next

Welcome to Georgia's Own Credit Union. Your accounts have automatically been transferred to the Georgia’s Own Credit Union system. You do not have to do anything to initiate this change, however, we do ask that you complete all sections of the documents entitled Account Form and LoanLiner Open-End Plan Signatures and return them as soon as possible in the enclosed postage paid return envelope.

Savings - Your membership number has changed, although your service will not be affected. Your new membership
number may be found on the enclosed membership card. Your ATM card connected to this account will continue
to work as normal.

Savings Certificates and IRAs – Your RECU Certificate and/or IRA Account(s) have been invested in a Savings Certificate with Georgia’s Own at the same rate and term. If you don’t yet have a Certificate or IRA Account, we have a wide-array of options, all offered at highly competitive rates and attractive terms. For details, visit georgiasown.org or call the Certificate/IRA Department at 404.874.1166 and select option 6, or outside Atlanta, dial 800.533.2062, option 6.

All Account Transfers, Payroll & ACH deductions
will continue to function just as they were set up at RECU.

Checking - Your Checking Account Number, ATM and Debit Card Number will not change. You may continue to
use both as you normally would to transact your business.

If you do not already have a checking account with RECU, now’s a great time to switch. In addition to free and
unlimited ATM withdrawals, the ability to earn interest and pay no monthly service fees, our checking accounts
come with $800 Overdraft Privilege* for those 18 years and over who qualify.

24/7 Audio Response – For expedient access to your new accounts, Georgia’s Own invites you to use Tele-Talk
Plus, our Voice Response System. If you run into problems using your current Quik Serv password on our advanced
Tele-Talk Voice Response System, give us a call at 404.874.1166 or 800.533.2062 and we will establish a new one for
you. If you are not taking advantage of this service, contact us to establish your inquiry access. Once established,
a signature card will be sent to you for verification. Upon receipt and verification, we will increase your service level
to include monetary transactions, as well as inquiries.

Home Banking – If you were set up for Home Banking at RECU, your home banking service with Georgia’s Own has been established and is ready for your use. To access home banking, go to Account Login on the left-hand side of our home page at georgiasown.org. You will need your Online ID, which is the account number shown on the enclosed membership card, along with your password. If you run into problems using your current RECU Home Banking password, contact us for assistance. If you are not already signed up for Home Banking with RECU, get started today. Simply stop by any branch office or call 404.874.1166, 800.533.2062.

*Overdraft Privilege is available to members 18 and over who are in good standing with the Credit Union. We may approve certain transactions that overdraw your account. An overdraft fee of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars may be charged for each transaction that overdraws your account. The categories or types of transactions that may overdraw your account include payments, purchases and transfers. Whether your overdrafts will be paid or not is in our sole discretion and we reserve the right not to pay the overdraft. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or if you have too many overdrafts. We reserve the right to require you to repay your overdrafts immediately or on demand.

eStatements – If you are already enjoying the convenience of eStatements, you should not experience any
disruption to your service. If you are not taking advantage of the ability to view your statements electronically and
see copies of your checks online, simply login to home banking and click on the Services tab. Then select Register
for eStatements. (You must sign up for home banking prior to signing up for eStatements.) You’ll be doing both
yourself and the environment a favor. Click here to access your eStatements for time periods prior to September 1, 2009.

Bill Pay – Georgia’s Own Online Bill Pay is the safe, simple, and secure way to pay your bills electronically. Bill pay is free to all Georgia’s Own members. To start using bill pay, you must have a Georgia’s Own Checking Account and
be enrolled in home banking. Simply log-in to home banking and click on the bill pay tab to register if you don’t already have this convenient service. If you are already enjoying bill pay, here are a few things you’ll need to know.

In RECU’s current system, you must enter a date several days before the actual due date of the bill to allow
for processing time. You will need only to enter the due date of the bill and the bill is guaranteed to be
paid on that date, as long as the bill payment is scheduled in a timely manner.

Any payment that has previously been scheduled to process on 8/31 - 9/3, will reach the biller on 9/4; please
adjust the process date back a few days now for any payments in this date range if the payment would need
to arrive before 9/4.

Going forward, payments cannot be scheduled on the weekend or a holiday. If a recurring payment falls on
a weekend or holiday, it will be made the next business day.

If you already use the Bill Pay service, we will mail additional information to you on the Georgia’s Own Bill
Pay System in August.

Loans – If you already have a loan with RECU, the terms of your contract will not change; in other words, unless
your loan contract with RECU states differently, you will have the same due date and payment amount. You can
pay your bill from your Credit Union account over the phone, online or in person. If you don’t already have an automated payment set up and would like to take advantage of this convenience, simply contact the Credit Union at 404.874.1166 or 800.533.2062.

To facilitate any new loan requests, be sure to complete the LoanLiner ® Open-End Plan Signatures section of the
previously referenced Account Form. If you have a loan at another financial institution, give us a call today. Chances
are you could refinance and save.

Visa® Credit Cards – For your convenience, your RECU Visa® credit card will continue to work as it normally
would. You will keep the same account number and continue to enjoy the same great rates and perks.

Click here for RECU eStatements prior to September 1, 2009

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We stand for the prosperity of our members, unmatched service, and a healthy planet.


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